About onVIVA.tv

onVIVA.tv was created with the mission to showcase and highlight Canadian-based emerging artists, producers, and content creators.

onVIVA.tv was founded and created to help emerging, independent artists, producers, and creators with a Canadian-based direct to consumer video network with no algorithms or other creator videos to clutter or compete with their video broadcasts. At onVIVA.tv, each artist is featured with their own channel with all live broadcasts and video productions showcasing only the artist’s channel and content. Audiences can find all featured artists and video productions easily at www.onviva.tv – and all for free.

Audiences everywhere can enjoy onVIVA.tv from the comfort of their home PCs or take onVIVA.tv anywhere on their smartphones, tablet, PCs and laptops.


onVIVA.tv is a member of The Foundation for Canadian Comedy, SOCAN and Canadian Musicians Cooperative.

For more information about onVIVA.tv, please contact us at hello@onviva.net

For media interviews and inquiries, please contact:

Project Four Public Relations
Amira de Vera