The Foundation for Canadian Comedy (CANCOM) - Our Purpose

The Foundation for Canadian Comedy (CANCOM) stimulates the production of exceptional Canadian comedy IP by comedians, making Canada competitive when responding to market-driven and regulatory demands for such content. As a federally registered, not-for-profit incorporation, CANCOM creates new models of collaboration that benefit relevant Canadian comedy stakeholder organizations and government departments in the evolving digital media ecosystem.

Through investment in produced media, live performance and social media platforms, the foundation’s funding programs generate creative and promotional activities by independent Canadian comedy artists, (writers and performers), living and working in provinces and territories throughout the country. The result is that CANCOM builds and expands upon a wide pool of exceptional Canadian talent who are poised for success at home and abroad.

In establishing and enhancing pathways for success by Canadian comedians, as well as promoting and protecting Canadian arts and culture, CANCOM bolsters the artistic integrity and financial viability of Canada’s Cultural Sector.

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